Terrace garden is an excellent option for those greenery lovers who don’t have much area for proper gardening as well as it also provides an opportunity to utilize the terrace in a great way. One can grow delicious vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants and flowers etc in this area. To grow plants on roofs special created spaces, grow-bags or containers are used. With a proper garden set up and growing guidance you can harness more from your garden. We at Shivgardens.com help you out in doing so.

Some key services that we offer for terrace gardening:

Different roof coating like acrylic, silicon, polymer modified, rubberized waterproof or heat reflective Coating

  • Seasonal or annual planting
  • Soil improvement
  • Organic gardening
  • Complete terrace garden setup and designing
  • Terrace garden monitoring
  • Courtyard and Patio garden development services


Shivgardens offers you the terrace garden services that are undertaken by our experts who are the masters of their fields and have a great experience. They know exactly what is best for you garden. Moreover they provide trendy style and designs to your garden that increases its grace.


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